We are so excited to add exquisite hand made ceramics to our store.  Hand made in Melbourne by Naoko Coghlan.


Artist Bio

Naoko was born and grew up in Tokyo, but not the Tokyo you might  first imagine. Naoko grew up playing in the wonderful forest and parks around Kichijoji and Mitaka, now the home of the Ghibli Museum.  She spent her childhood climbing trees, making "doro-dango" ( polished mud balls) and fishing for yabbies in the creek near her home. 

Naoko's interest in pottery began when she started cooking for her family at the age of 10.  Her mother taught her that the choice of dish is instrinsic to the presentation and enjoyment of the food that it is used to serve. 

Naoko studied ceramics at Joshibi College of Art and Design  in Tokyo, but after graduating and joining the workforce, found little time to pursue her pottery dreams....until fifteen years ago , when she moved to Melbourne  and a close friend encouraged her to start teaching Japanese pottery classes at a local studio.

In 2022, Naoko opened her own studio ( Kiku Pottery Studio) in Montmorency, where she works on her own pottery and runs regular workshops and short courses.  Anyone interested in pottery techniques whilst making their very own piece is welcome to join.

In her own work, Naoko continues to explore her own identity through the creation of  functional,  Japanese inspired pottery