Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Woks

We sell Traditional Chinese Cast Iron woks which are pre-seasoned by hand. We use only high quality ,100% Australian edible oils for the seasoning process.  Each wok is properly and extensively seasoned by hand to produce and naturally low stick surface.  The wok arrives ready to use, chemical free.  It simply needs a wash in water to remove any dust gathered in the delivery process. 

The woks are hand cast,  and DO NOT look like perfect factory produced cookware.  We have attached an example video of the beautiful, natural process of the making of cast iron woks. We receive these woks in this raw state.  We  then use 100% Australian edible oils (vegetable and /or pork lard) to season your wok. 

Please note the seasoning is a labour intensive task so we often run out of seasoned  woks.  This may mean the delivery time could be up to 3 weeks.  If purchasing in-store, please call ahead  to ensure we have  the size you require seasoned and ready.